Development of oilseeds industry in West Africa



Eco-Carbone is historically active in the new jatropha-based biofuel production market. Since 2011, the company is diversifying in oilseeds market in West Africa. It invests in sunflower crop for human and animal feeding.
In 2014, to facilitate and secure the development of its activities, Eco-Carbone created an holding "African Farmers Oilseeds" (AFO) with Sofisud, a subsidiary of Avril. Eco-Carbone possess 80% of AFO. AFO is the majority shareholder of industrial companies in Mali (JMI) and Burkina Faso (Fasol) which produce crude oil and co-products of extraction from jatropha and sunflower.
AFO inherited Eco-Carbone's experience of technical advice to farmer communities who establish jatropha and sunflower plantations. The holding also benefits from R&D work done by Eco-Carbone and Avril. It is actively continuing this work.

Moreover, Eco-Carbone is the first company having registered in 2012 a jatropha project (in Mali) under the Verified Carbon Standard for carbon sequestration by jatropha. This achievement allows Eco-Carbone to market the resulting carbon assets on voluntary market.
Today, Eco-Carbone, through its holding African Farmers Oilseeds, is very active in developing oilseeds industry in West Africa for local value-creation in feeding and energy fields.
Our team combines years of experience in industry, agronomy, project finance and rural development.


Sunflower crop for human and animal feeding

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